Make it easy for everyone to understand. Bring your ideas and messages to life with an integrated and multi-channel approach. Increase recall and recognition - People retain images. Simplify complex ideas and communications. Put things into context for people so they understand.

Training Tools

What’s the best way to help people learn, understand and remember? 60% of people are visual learners, so they learn from what they see. 20% of people learn by “doing” and 20% of people learn by listening. Klarifi is visual and interactive and can be integrated with learning media of all types.

Bids & Tenders

Show how your proposed solution will work in practice. Make your proposal “come to life” for your prospects and clients. Stand out from the crowd and make your proposition highly engaging and interactive. Help your prospects to understand by linking back to supporting evidence.

Sales Tools

Sales are easier when it’s a two-way conversation. Help your sales team to explain a complicated product, service or proposition. Help your customers to understand your offering more quickly and more easily. Organise your product or service information and collateral in a consistent, logical and engaging format.

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<strong>Owen Ashby</strong>Marketing Strategy Expert. Blueprint & Klarifi.<strong>Paul Bevan</strong>Marketing Consultant. Blueprint & Klarifi.<strong>Andrea Ashby</strong>Account Manager for Blueprint & Klarifi.<strong>Saffron Small</strong>Communications Expert. Blueprint & Klarifi.<strong>Simon McFarlane</strong>Senior Developer for Klarifi & Look, Touch & Feel.<strong>Denise Pope</strong>Senior Creative for Klarifi & Look, Touch & Feel.